Sculpting Your Workouts to Tone Your Body


Body sculpting refers to workouts that are designed to help tone muscles in specific areas of the body. In other words, body sculpting removes fat from those places which make the body unattractive such as the abdomen, lower belly, or lower back.

These areas typically retain fat that is notoriously difficult to remove. Body sculpting exercises focus on these areas and helps diminish the fats contained there. The main thing about  body sculpt workouts is that they should neither be too easy nor too difficult. If they are too easy, then the exercise will probably not be effective.

On the other hand, if they are too difficult there is a risk of overdoing it. It can lead to muscle rips and even more serious consequences such as heart attack. It is therefore important to realize one’s limits and cross them a little at a time. Below are some effective body sculpting exercises.

(1)    The Reverse Curl
The reverse curl is done on an inclined bench. You lie down on your back on the bench and hold to one end of the bench with the hands and proceed as follows:

•    Raise your legs, curling your hips until the knees touch the elbows, and then lower them back slowly. However, do not let your feet touch the floor (and rest). Repeat the exercises 8-12 times.

•    Ensure that the hips come off the bench each time the knees are raised.

•    Do not use the arms to pull yourself up. That would be cheating!

The reverse curl can be difficult in the beginning. You can raise the knees without touching the elbows, if you find it too difficult. If however, this exercise is too easy, you can keep your legs straight or raise the bench.

(2)    Stretching Exercises
Stretching exercises are a very important part of body sculpting. They are an effective means of toning up the body’s muscles and thus improving appearance. Stretching also keeps the body’s movement fluid and smooth by keeping muscles supple. Some basic stretching exercises can be found below:

•    Calf stretch—while standing at arm’s length from a wall, place palms flat against the surface of the wall and move a leg about one foot forward. Lean forward, bending the knee of the leg that is closest to the wall. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, relax and repeat. You may switch legs after a few moves.

•    Groin stretch—sit on the floor with legs pulled towards the body and soles of feet touching. Press the elbows on the inside of the knees so that the latter are moved downwards. A stretch should be felt on the upper portion of the thigh. Hold the stretch for ten seconds , relax and repeat.

•    Back stretch—kneel on the floor with legs at 90⁰. The back should be straight with palms on the floor. Push the pelvis inwards so that the back arches up towards the ceiling. This stretch is felt at the lower back. Hold the stretch for ten seconds, relax and repeat.

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